Summer Downpour Destroys the Phones of Fans at an Adele Concert

Summer Downpour Destroys the Phones of Fans at an Adele Concert

Many Kiwis have been without their cell phones since Sunday, March 26 when they faced water damage during a particularly wet Adele concert.

“I was pretty much soaked from head to toe,” said concert-goer Shannon Roberts, who attempted to protect herself and her Apple iPhone from the rain, reported Stuff.

Local cell phone repair shops in the area have been inundated with clients whose phones are in for water damage repair. Sarah Deans took a different approach to protecting her phone, keeping her iPhone 6 in a bag under her seat during the show, according to Stuff.

“It was so wet that my bag got completely soaked through,” she said. “When I got home I turned the phone on and nothing was working. It was completely saturated.”

Deans was able to fend off corrosion by placing her phone in a sealed bag with rice and leaving it for three days. Luckily for her, it worked, though leaving your phone on the counter has been proven to be more effective than sealing it in with rice.

Protect Your Cell Phone From Water Damage

For others, their $600-$800 phones were rendered useless. If only those New Zealand residents had a cell phone repair shop, such as Re-Tech, that specializes in water damage repair. Water, air and time cause the perfect storm for soggy phones, causing electrical circuits to short either at the time of the downpour or later on down the road. Avoidance, however, is ideal; after all, so much of your life is stored on your phone. To keep your phone dry and safe during concerts, festivals, camping, beach outings and anywhere risky for electronics, here are five tips:

  1. Invest in a waterproof case.
  2. Carry a plastic baggie to protect your phone.
  3. Avoid leaving your phone in a hot car, or in the sun where it will overheat, keep it wrapped in towels or in your bag. For extra measure, keep it in a baggie or a waterproof case.
  4. Purchase a waterproof dry bag to keep all of your gear safe and dry.
  5. Wipe your phone off after using it if you wear sunscreen; chemicals in the protective lotions could damage the plastic or screen of your phone.

What to Do if Your Phone Suffers Water Damage

Immediately turn your phone off, take off the cover and remove the battery and SIM card. Rush your phone to a cell phone repair shop as quickly as possible. Plugging it in and turning it on are some of the worst things you can do.

Affordable Cell Phone Repair in Gainesville, FL

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