MonkeyWish App Makes “Regifting” Obsolete

MonkeyWish App Makes “Regifting” Obsolete

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Locally Launched: MonkeyWish

Ah, yes, the gift giving season. It brings this particular bit of social awkwardness from the classic Seinfeld episode The Label Maker to mind:


If you’ve stressed over selecting the perfect gift for a discerning loved one, shamefully opted to give someone the ever-impersonal gift card, received the same gift on two separate occasions, or all of the above, then MonkeyWish may be the app for you.

MonkeyWish transforms the traditional gift registry into a social gifting network. The app allows users to create wish lists for any occasion by adding any item from any store or website to their sharable wish lists. And, if all that isn’t enough to reduce the stress of the impending gift-giving season, MonkeyWish also enables users to follow curated feeds, customized to their preferences as well as to link their wish lists to events. Nonprofits can even build wish lists on MonkeyWish.

In addition to its impressive utility—the app rocketed to the top spot on iTunes in the Gift Registry category and received accolades from NBC’s Today Show, MonkeyWish represents yet another beacon from Gainesville, highlighting the vibrant startup and mobile app development community here. And it demonstrates that innovation in Gainesville can just as easily originate from the mind of a mompreneur like MonkeyWish founder and CEO Kristi Taylor as it can from a lab or hackathon.

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