iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

iPhone 6 Water Damage Repair

When your iPhone 6 comes into contact with liquid, it can cause a very complicated form of damage. Most of the liquids we're exposed to in every day life contain ions that do an excellent job of conducting electricity. When exposed to the electrical components within your device, these ionic conductors cause the circuits to "short". Rice is commonly used to accelerate the evaporation process, but even after the liquid dries these ionic impurities are left behind and can still cause a short later on. However, electrical shorts are the least damaging aspect of the process. The real damage is done with the combination of water, air, and time, which leads to corrosion. Once your device is exposed to the impurities brought on by water, the chemical process of corrosion begins, and the longer that goes unchecked, the chances of the damage being repairable becomes less and less. Think of corrosion like a cancer for your phone, if you can catch it early, it's easy to remove, but if it's given enough time to spread, it can do a lot of damage. If your phone or electronic device comes into contact with water, or liquid of any kind, take it to Re-Tech as quickly as you can and we'll evaluate your device for free. We're the experts when it comes to water damage.

Re-Tech promises to offer quality repairs at an affordable price, and we back that promise with our Price Match Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.