iPad Mini 3 Glass + LCD Replacement

Price: $179

iPad Mini 3 Glass + LCD Replacement

The screen on your iPad Mini 3 is a cutting-edge, yet fragile piece of technology. There are several mechanisms at work within the iPad's screen assembly, and any one of these functions can fail or become damaged. The touch response function (digitizer) can have a limited, or a complete lack of touch response. The LCD can suffer from display lines, bleeding, feathering, dead pixels, hot spots, water spots, or can go completely black and not display at all. If your iPad is experiencing any of these issues, Re-Tech's Glass + LCD replacement service is what you need. If your screen is cracked but it still responds to touch and has a fully functional display, you may only need to have the glass lens replaced.

Re-Tech promises to offer quality repairs at an affordable price, and we back that promise with our Price Match Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.