iPad Mini 3 Battery Replacement

Price: $99

iPad Mini 3 Battery Replacement

A faulty iPad Mini 3 battery can cause a range of problems. If your iPad isn't powering on, isn't holding a charge, if it's charging slowly, or draining fast, your iPad most likely needs a new battery. Bad batteries also tend to expand like a balloon over time, and this is very bad for your iPad. "Bloated" batteries can cause internal damage, lift or crack your screen, and can even produce smoke or flames. iPad batteries tend to last for about 1-2 years before they start to show a decline in performance. Re-Tech always offers free battery testing and evaluations to make sure that your iPad is operating at its full potential. Get the most out of your iPad Mini 3 with our battery replacement service!

Re-Tech promises to offer quality repairs at an affordable price, and we back that promise with our Price Match Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty.