How Smartphones Will Learn More About Us And Become Our Friends

How Smartphones Will Learn More About Us And Become Our Friends

It is evident these days that people cannot live without their smartphones. On buses, in restaurants, at airports and on streets, everyone seems to be busy with a smartphone in their hands. Just as people get to know each other when they spend a lot of time together, as we spend more and more of our life with our smartphones, they also begin to figure out ways to learn about us and help us.

Researchers from Dartmouth College and the University of Texas at Austin have just developed an app that tracks smartphone activity and predicts the GPA of students. Studies show that use of this software, called SmartGPA, predicts students’ GPAs accurately within 0.17 of a point. The app utilizes data on phones and in the cloud to infer and track student activities such as partying, studying and sleeping. Not surprisingly, studies show high performers study more and experience more stress during midterms while keeping their social interactions short. This app could be used to provide feedback and suggestions to students to improve their academic performance.

SmartGPA is far from the first app that tells about smartphone users. For instance, last year an app called Moment came out that’s designed to track the time people spend each day on their smartphones. However, instead of providing information of what people are doing with their phones, this app only provides a rough estimate of the total time that people look at their phone screens. QualityTime is an improvement that provides daily frequencies of people using different apps. QualityTime also alerts users at a designated time they have set if they are using an app for too long and is even able to help people have the app lock their screen for set periods of time.

Both the SmartGPA and QualityTime apps offer a peek at how smartphones in the near future will learn more about us and give us useful suggestions and updates, just as our good friends do!

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