David Flores Helps Us Navigate Gainesville’s Startup & Food Scenes

David Flores Helps Us Navigate Gainesville’s Startup & Food Scenes

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Startup Spotlight: David Flores

Attend any event in Gainesville’s tech startup scene and you’re sure to bump into David Flores. And, when you chat with David, you’ll get the scoop on Gainesville’s myriad of startup activities. In addition to being a co-founder and the chief marketing officer (CMO) of local startup Eatable, a mobile app that connects people to food they love around the world, David also helps the Gainesville Area Innovation Network (GAIN) promote entrepreneurship as a GAIN Ambassador; he teaches Entrepreneurship at Santa Fe College as an adjunct professor, and is the Gainesville curator for StartupDigest, a personalized and free weekly e-newsletter that aggregates North Central Florida’s startup and tech events, from niche networking opportunities to biotechnology forums. So, yeah, we’re not kidding; David really does know where all the startup buzz is in this town.

Photo: Eatable at Amelia's

When he’s not guiding us to or, just as often,organizing the next meetup or hackathon hybrid, he’s sharing his passion for the language of food. As CMO of Eatable, David makes sure potential users know about the app, how it works, and why it was created. David describes Eatable as the Pandora for food; when you like or dislike dishes on the app, it uses an algorithm to adapt to your tastes and preferences and recommends restaurant dishes near the user based on those tastes. In his mission to spread the word about Eatable, David publishes Eatable Guides a few days ahead of Gainesville’s big community events like last month's Startup Week and the recent Downtown Festival & Art Show. The guides inform visitors and locals about the event’s schedule and activities, and it recommends nearby restaurants to try out. 

Currently, Eatable has an early Android version of the app out, and the Eatable team is seeking beta testers among Gainesville’s food lovers. If you love food and the idea of an app customized to your food preferences, apply to become an Alpha Foodie. Once accepted, the lucky few Alpha Foodies will gain exclusive access to the unreleased Eatable app on their Android devices.

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