Computer Repair

We specialize in a wide variety of repairs and services for desktop and laptop computers. Whether it’s an Apple (Mac) or a Windows device, Re-Tech has your hardware and software needs covered. Our computer diagnostics and estimates are always free!


Computer hardware repairs include:

  • LCD or Screen replacement
  • Hard drive replacement
  • Overheating issues, Cooling fan replacement
  • Keyboard repair
  • Broken hinge(s) on laptops
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Power supply repair / Charging port replacement
  • External battery or internal battery replacement
  • CD/DVD disk drive replacement
  • Memory upgrade for slow performance issues
  • Graphics card installation

Computer software services include:

  • "Blue screen of death"
  • Windows or Mac OS installation
  • Reinstalling Windows or Mac OS if your computer won't fully load or boot up
  • Virus, malware, or spyware removal
  • Data recovery, recovering deleted media, pictures, videos, documents, music, etc.
  • Tune up, improving speed and performance

Remember, our computer diagnostics and evaluations are free. If something is wrong with your computer, Re-Tech will find the solution or the answers that you need!


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