6 Cool Ways Siri Makes Life Easier

6 Cool Ways Siri Makes Life Easier

Command voice technology has become one of the most useful features on iPhones today. Siri, Apple’s digital personal assistant, is a voice command platform for IOS devices that can do a lot more than look stuff up and answer random questions for you. To get the most out of this sophisticated feature, we have gathered our favorite characteristics SIRI offers that will make life easier and safer.

Find out exactly what you’re eating. Talk about convenience, did you know Siri can be your portable nutritionist? Find out how many calories your snack contains by asking, “Siri, how many calories are in ?” Siri will not only reveal the calorie content of what your are eating, but she’ll also let you know how it ranks against other common foods. You’ll have no excuse not to know exactly what you’re eating!

Ask for reminders. By simply saying, “Siri, remind me to ” Siri will alert you when it’s time to do something, whether that be picking up groceries at the store or calling your cousin after work. Reminder and notification options do not stop there with Siri. Enable your Location Services for Reminders by going to Settings>Privacy>Location Services. By adding the locations you need to your contacts, Siri will set reminders based on wherever you are. For example,“Siri, remind me to go to the pharmacy when I leave work and visit Olivia.” This is a great (and easy!) way to stay organized!

Keep your eyes on the road. There is nothing better than listening to your favorite tunes on your way to work, but everyone knows that driving and using a smartphone at the same time is a dangerous combination. Sync your phone to your car’s sound system to avoid the temptation of looking at the screen to change your music. Ask Siri to play specific songs, albums, artists, genres or playlists. You can even ask Siri to play, pause and resume what you are listening to.

Help Siri better understand what you’re saying. Has Siri ever not quite understood what you were asking? Some people tend to give up when this happens, but by tapping your speech bubble to correct it, you’ll be able to get the answer you were looking for. All you have to say is “change it” when the question is misunderstood, and Siri will go back to the prompt and let you edit your message.

Post to Twitter and Facebook. Siri can post to your social media accounts! After you ask to post on Twitter or Facebook, Siri will inquire what you would like to say and a text box will appear for you to write in. Siri will then confirm your message and send the post out. You can also search for a tweet by asking Siri to look for a specific individual or subject. Siri will come back to you with a list of relevant tweets to select from.

Make reservations. Siri is capable of connecting you to OpenTable, the app that allows you to book reservations online. All you have to ask is, “Siri, make a reservation for tomorrow night at 7 p.m. at Mark’s Prime Steakhouse.” Siri will let you know what is available on the restaurant’s OpenTable site. This tip becomes more helpful everyday as an increasing number of restaurants are joining OpenTable.

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