5 Fashion Products Ever Designed to Charge Your Phones

5 Fashion Products Ever Designed to Charge Your Phones

Being stylish and keeping your phone charged are two things that seem to not be related at all. As a matter of fact, they could be. From a Kate Spade bag to a pair of wireless mobile-charging trousers, here are 5 fashion products ever designed to offer you a stylish way to charge your phones.

  1. Wallets and Purses. That Charge Your Phone Kate Spade, one of handbag lovers’ favorites, has collaborated with EverPurse to design a new collection that charges users’ iPhones. The collection is expected to debut this September. This is far from the first time that purses or wallets had the function of getting people’s phone charged, with EmPowered Bag, EverPurse and Mighty Purse par for the course. However, for those longing for a Kate Spade, here comes another reason to buy one!

  2. A. Sauvage Charging Trousers. This world’s first-ever pair of wireless mobile-charging trousers was a joint work by British fashion designer Adrien Sauvage and Microsoft. The trousers–a designer working with a phone charging function, is exactly an illustration of what happens when fashion meets technology.

  3. Pauline van Dongen’s Solar Powered Dress. Dutch designer Pauline van Dongen released in 2014 a line that utilizes the power of the sun to charge your phones. The line manifested how this designer successfully balanced the functionality and aesthetics of clothing. This wearable solar line featured a sleek, wool, leather (and solar cell) shift dress as well as a futuristic looking jacket that models would actually want to wear on runways.

  4. QBracelet. A startup called Q Designs has launched a sleek bracelet that is able to give your phones a 60 percent charge. More importantly, the bracelet that comes in black, gold and silver is a decoration that people would really want to wear in their daily life. It works perfect with casual attires or business informals for both men and women.

  5. Orange Power Wellies. The phone-charging rain boots is a creation by British mobile carrier Orange and Gotwind in 2010. The rain boots convert the heat from your feet into energy that can charge phones. Interestingly enough, the rain boots were originally designed specifically for Glastonbury Music Festival. In order to increase the length of time people can charge their phone for, Gotwind encouraged people to dance!

The products mentioned above offer a peek at how fashion world will be changed by technology and vice versa. Some of the products above are wearable everyday while some are not, but we are sure to see more inventions that come with practical use and that keep you cool at the same time.

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