10-Minute Solution to Make Your Cellphone As Clean As Brand New

10-Minute Solution to Make Your Cellphone As Clean As Brand New

It is said cellphones covered with bacteria and germ are even dirtier than toilet seats. Unfortunately, that is exactly something we touch every day. Lots of people are too lazy to clean it even once. Besides, they just don’t know how to. If you happen to be one of them, here are 4 easy steps for success taking no more than 10 minutes.

Tools You Need: Lint Free Microfiber Cloth; Distilled Water; Cotton swabs; A 40/60 alcohol-To-Water Mixture

Step 1 Turn off your cell phone and remove the battery if possible. Remove the phone case and the screen protector if there is any. However, if you have cracks on your screen, you might want to leave the screen protector on to prevent cracks from spreading or moisture going inside the screen.

Step 2 Dampen cotton swabs with alcohol-to-water mixture and gently clean the keyboard. Make sure not to let the mixture go into keyboard.

Step 3 Dampen cotton swabs with distilled water. Use spinning motion to clean the lens and flash. Use a dry cotton swab to dry the lens and flash quickly after they are cleaned. Use dry cotton swabs to clean any spots hard to reach such as USB and microphones.

Step 4 Dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water to clean the outside area of cellphones and the battery cover. Gently wipe the screen in a single up-to-down direction to prevent dust from going into earphones. Use a little water-to-alcohol mixture if there is any stain hard to remove. Be sure to use the mixture only on glasses and plastic. Be careful not to make earphones or speakers wet. Do not put the battery back into cellphones or reopen it until everything is completely dry.

That is it! With no more than 10 minutes, your cellphone is as clean as it was when you got it!

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